Fahima Jahan‎

I am so glad that I found Fariha to do my pre-wedding photoshoot as well as one of my wedding party shoots. She covered both events and she was phenomenal. Her photography skills are beyond what I was looking for. She was prompt and ready to shoot at the given time on both events. She is also very friendly and she went out of her way to make sure my pictures were just as I wanted them. Thank you Fariha for capturing such important moments in my life. I will definitely be doing many more photoshoots with Fariha and I highly recommend her.‎

‎Farouk Ghana‎

My experienced with this young lady was really phenomenon. Everyone who sees my headshot says nothing except," WOW!!! its affordable and you get professional photos ever. I recommend to anyone looking to have any professional pictures being marriage Andy kind of ceremonies.

Virinder Vini Kaur‎

Fariha is a very nice, wonderful, and talented lady. She responded to my request immediately and scheduling a photo session wasn't a hassle. I'm an awkward picture taker but she made taking pictures really easy and comfortable. She was able to capture every beautiful moment and didn't stop until it was perfect! The edited pictures were sent to me in less than 24 hours after the photoshoot. She's an amazing photographer, who truly cares about you. Would highly recommend her!

Sanaa Khalid Abbasi

Hello Fariha. I wanted to tell you how amazed I am with your work. Thank you for capturing each memory with perfection. I am glad, given the time I contacted you, we had you as our photographer. My family and I absolutely loved the pics. You did an amazing amazing job!!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a photographer for any event. Once again, thank you thank you thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and knowing you. I know who to contact for an event now!! Great job. We are all very pleased with all the work you put in. Once again, thank you so much babe!! ❤❤

Sahrish Zia Rehman

Jazakillah soooo much for taking out time from ur bz hectic schedule to become my photographer!!! Talented Desi Photographer! MashAllah you did an amazing job!! Each time I look at my wedding pics it makes me so happy, if it wasn't for you, it wouldn't have been the same. I love my wedding pics, makes me want to look back at them again and again! One of the best part is us niqabi's and hijabi's can hire u without second thought. Now planning on having another photoshoot with my baby Mehdiya iA
Time for some lovely baby pics ♡
Anyhow I wish u the best!!! May Allah bless you with all the happiness, success, peace n prosperity IA love ya!!! ♡♡♡

Nahar Hera

Fariha is FANTASTIC! She was amazing to be around with and helped me come up with some great looking, unique photo's for my engagement. The pictures were fun to take, I totally felt comfortable around her and they came out looking AMAZING and very high quality!  =) Fariha definitely has her own style and is HIGHLY recommended by me. Fariha, thank you so much for capturing these amazing moments on my special day! You were terrific to work with and created an incredible experience for our engagement! Thank you again xoxooxx

Rose George

‎The day I suppose to get my picture taken it was just about to rain that I was scared that we needed to reschedule. Fariha the skilled photographer she is was clever about using what we had in the short period of time! She made it personable by picking different places, giving helpful tips and even going out of her way to make the picture perfect. I just needed one good photo but I ended up with gorgeous shots that far exceeded my expectations!! She is patient, quick and has an eye for detail! Thank you so much Fariha!

Mishal S.‎

Thank you for doing such a great job with the picture, everyone loved them!
Nora AhmedI recently had Fariha take my graduation photos and I'm very happy with them! I've even had 2 friends request her to take photos as well because they were so impressed with her work. She is very patient in allowing me to choose the pictures I liked (which is forever for someone who's so indecisive). Also, I found her pricing to be very affordable compared to others.

Vanessa Batista

Thank you Fariha Tasneem Photography, Fariha did an amazing job taking my picture. I was extremely satisfied by the quality and experience of my photoshoot. You did more than capture a moment of my life but you truly made me feel beautiful while taking those photos! Thank you for an excellent service! You are highly recommended by my standards!

Jasmin Uddin

It was a great pleasure working with Fariha Tasneem on my wedding day. She was calm and patient with me, as I was struck with wedding-day jitters. Not only that but as a muslim woman who observes modesty, Fariha respected and understood exactly what I wanted.
She was with me throughout the whole event, taking pictures at the house, limo ride, during and after, until almost the end of the event. She captured all the moments that meant so much to me. That as I look back at my pictures, I can clearly recall every moment... It's like the images allow me to relive those moment and isn't that what pictures are meant for. Fariha was totally dedicated to making sure every shot was great in it's own way. Her patience, professionalism, and artistic way are all deeply appreciated. Thank you, Fariha. I'm so proud of you, May your work flourish and you become one of the top photographer in NYC.
Much love,

Niara Osman

Was such a pleasure working with you, Fariha, you are very professional and courteous. All of the photos came out great! Thank you again and will definitely be using you in the future!

Atika Latif

Fariha, you take amazing pictures! Especially mine lmao wink emoticon But keep doing what you love because you are great at it.

Tayiba Yasin

I am so honored to have you take my Little nephews' photos. Like always, working with you was an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend everyone to be part of this experience! Loved the photos so much and look forward to working with you again the near future.
-A very happy client ^_^

Kristen Winters

I still cannot thank you enough Fariha. I look at these pics all the time and they make my heart almost explode with love. Especially the ones with my boys. They came out just as I had imagined and hoped. You wouldn't believe all the bitching and griping I got from my hubby that we were going to do family pics on this trip, and after they were done he said "I'm so glad we did this, they came out great. You were right babe." (GASP!)  Thank you again Fariha. Maybe in the future on another trip, we can do some at a different location.

Aroosa Nasir

Fariha thank you so much for taking amazing pictures of my family and I. It was awesome working with you! grin emoticon heart emoticon you're one great photographer!

Samira Merali Garonzik

Fariha thank you so much for taking amazing pictures of my family and I. It was awesome working with you! grin emoticon heart emoticon you're one great photographer!

J Elizabeth Pereira

Fariha thank you sooo much for capturing our day. You capture many candid moments. Full of beauty and raw emotions, exactly what I wanted. Not only are you talented but you are also thoughtful and sensitive to what is it that I needed that day. Once again on behalf of my family thank you for capturing our day =)

Bindi Patel

Fariha thank you so much for taking our pictures. They are amazing. You are very talented and dedicated photographer. I couldn't have been happier with my pictures. Keep up the good work and good luck with everything you want to do.

Sonia Balaram

Thank you Fariha Tasneem Photography for taking beautiful pictures of me and my growing family. You are truly talented! You made taking photos fun and easy. I love how the photos turned out. Thanks again!

Samira Merali Garonzik

Fariha you took absolutely amazing photos of us! Thank you sooooo much! These are so much more than I imagined and we will be able to cherish these memories forever thanks to you! You are truly an extremely skilled and amazing artistic photographer. It was a really fantastic experience working with you!

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