Capturing your special day to be preserved forever is of utmost importance to us. I am passionate about photography beyond words and that is why I let my work speak for itself. My goal is to give you the finest service you deserve through creative photography and high quality images for everlasting memories.

My team and I specialize in providing services for custom weddings. We understand that every bride has unique choices and all we want to do is be there for you; by using high quality equipment’s to capture your special day. We are straightforward group of photographers living the dream. Regardless of the location, you will receive a stress free experience when it comes to dealing with us.

Fariha Tasneem

You know what I love more than anything else in the world!?! Answer: to tell stories! The kind of stories that you enters your soul by looking through a series of images; makes you feel something and lets you relive moments! Stories that you can get lost in, feel like a part of; regardless of when or where it took place. One thing I don’t know how to do is sit still and “relax” because I am most relaxed when I am doing my job. I am most content/thrilled than when I am able to capture special moments! I assume drugs do something similar to that but I have photography thus I am set for life! 

There is a sense of accomplishment/service being able to frame moments, giving people something they can use basically as a time machine; traveling back to relive those moments. I have heard people say "close your eyes and go to your happy place" And at last I have found my happy place, and it is behind the camera. 

People and relationships fascinate me; I want to showcase them in the most stunning ways! I want my skills to compliment the moments.

Kajal Mehta

       Love is the most beautiful yet painful emotion in this world. It is when you give someone else the power to affect your life. However, it is the most divine thing to find your soul in someone else, hence finding your soulmate. Marriages unite these souls forever in an unbreakable bond of trust and friendship. Weddings and marriages make me believe that this world still has love and togetherness left in it where two people decide to dedicate their lives in fulfilling one promise, the promise of giving happiness to the other person. Yes, love is strange but it is the only thing that keeps us humane and breathing.


Nasr Kyrillos

The eye is the window to the soul but the lens is amber that preserves the memories of the soul. My name is Shuhrah Chowdhury. I started taking nature and food photos in high school unprofessionally, and toyed around with Photoshop as well. I enjoy capturing the details that make up the moments that people want to remember during their lifetime, and help making them last forever. I specialize in nature and still life/ scenery (you can change this up idk how to describe!!?!?) and I can't wait to work with you to make your magical moments stay magical

Ariel Arenda

Living life one picture at a time, I prefer to stay behind the camera at all times. I have been addicted to the sunset and the colors of the sky from a very young age, using it to enhance the beauty on earth though photograph is my true passion. Documentary style photography is what I usually capture but form time to time I venture out of the zone to capture some candid portraits that are full of emotions. This path as a photographer has made me .... more myself... if that makes sense. Photographs are my teachers and the camera equipment are my learning material for entrnity.