Head Photographer: Fariha

Hello There!                

My name is Fariha and I am not very good at talking about myself, but I want you to know why I do what I do. Let my images and my actions speak itself. Since you are reading about me, I would like to think that soon we will meet and I would have the honor of being a part of the most special day in your life! Weddings and Engagements are everything to me. Since I picked up the camera and took my first memorable photo (its very cliché to say) but everything fell into place. With every picture, it was getting better and better; suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; I wanted to preserve warm and exiting memories for everyone to experience. My goal is not to win awards from PPA, my award is given in the form of client satisfaction. When you are happy with the images you receive and I see that smile spread across your face, that is reward enough for me. I do this to win hearts through well-captured photographs. What matters to me is that you love the work I do and create for you, moments which can be loved and lived through again and again. Trusting me to capture an event from various perspective and lives is what makes me feel accomplished and well lived.

Lead Shooter: Kartheek


"Who am I?! Oh besides a dancing fanatic(I will dance anywhere, the kitchen, the car, the shower or better yet on your wedding reception dance floor) and Iced Coffee fiend(even in the dead of winter), I’m a wedding photographer based out of Central Jersey (Yes that exists).

When I shoot a wedding, I am basically directing a big portion of their love life and watching the moments unfold (while I try and hold back a tear during the first look).

I can pretty much guarantee one thing. This is your day, and it will be full of emotions, and you’ll want someone on your side who will be there through it all.

I will dance with you, sing with you, cheer for you, heck I’ll even cry for you. Why else do you think I have a camera in front of my face, it’s not only to capture the precious moments but to cover my tears of joy!"

Lead Intern: Pushpen


I am a chemical engineering student at New Jersey Institute of Technology. While I am busy with a hectic class schedule and school work, I try to find and dedicate some time for photography. Two of my passions are traveling and photography. Through photography, I aim to tell my story to viewers. I enjoy taking pictures of beautiful landscapes as well as people. I like to capture candid moments and raw emotions of clients. Through my photography, I wish to create a memory my clients can look back to.

Head Cinematographer: Jesse

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MBA from Mercy College; Class of 2015. Degree in Marketing. BFA from Syracuse University; Class of 2012. Degree in Video Production & Computer Art.

Brands I have worked with:

·        Showtime 

·        Corona

·        Modelo

·        Hasbro

·        iHome

·        Lugz

·        100 Montaditos

·        Carnivor Wine

·        Denon

·        Muzik

·        H-Factor

·        Mikey Likes It Ice Cream